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Newface Dermabrazyon Cihazı

Marka: Newface
Model: Dermabrazyon Cihazı
Stok Kodu: Z-311

Handpiece 1 Diamond, 1 Crystal
Number of pumps 2 DC pump
Vacuum -90 ~ 0Kpa
Operation interface 6" Dual color LCD
Power supply AC85-130 or AC180-260V,50/60HZ
Dimension 38*36*26cm (L*W*H)
Weight 12Kgs

Apolo’s class leading dual-function microdermabrasion machine do away with hard to read gauges and clunky pumps. The machine provides quick, safe, and efficient skin renewal procedures through minimially abrasive polishing with the diamonds of different sizes. Miniature sculpture can also assist skin to imbibed nutrition from skin-caring products to make it as tender as a baby. The unit offers a simple operating interface and powerful suction for all treatment types.

Remove fine lines and wrinkles
Treat acne scars and some other forms of scarring
Treat oily pores, blackheads and white heads
Uneven skin tone
Dullness skin from aging
Stretch marks

Double filter system to protect the machine.
Two DC pump with strong pressure and long lifetime.
Humanized & accurate software control by microprocessor.
Diamond and crystal adjustable.
High quality solenoid valve makes crystal and diamond peel switch easily.
Non-chemical, non-invasive modality, safe and economical.
No anesthesia,no "down time" and can return immediately to daily activities.
Simple design, convenient to operate.
Disposable tips avoid cross infection.